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D' Charmz

Deliver Your Charm — Sparkle & Shine. On Trend Jewels

D' Swarovski Crystal

D' Swarovski Crystal

Brilliant crystals shimmer arrogantly under light.   Swarovski Crystals, man-made gems manufactured... 

Gift For Mother

100 Languages I LOVE YOU Necklace Romance Rosy Jewel Gift Box

Perfect gift idea for Mother's Day.

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  • D' Love

    ❤️ Love themed collection featuring heart designs. Perfect collections for gifts, for valentines, for mother, for loved ones.

    Elegant | Charming | Dazzling

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  • D' Couple

    💕 Couple themed collection featuring paired jewelries. Perfect gifts for love, for valentines, for him, for her.

    Romantic | Charming | Enchanting

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  • D' Chic & Glam

    On trend everyday jewelries. Perfect for daily wear, casual wear, also elegant wear. Versatile & stylish. Find your right piece of jewelries here.

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D' Chic & Glam

D' Chic & Glam

— D' Chic & Glam Collection   Deliver Your Charm | Build Your... 

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